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SBT in Action: The Simple Scala Build Tool pdf
SBT in Action: The Simple Scala Build Tool pdf

SBT in Action: The Simple Scala Build Tool by Josh Suereth, Matthew Farwell

SBT in Action: The Simple Scala Build Tool

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SBT in Action: The Simple Scala Build Tool Josh Suereth, Matthew Farwell ebook
Publisher: Manning Publications Company
Format: pdf
Page: 325
ISBN: 9781617291272

Activator includes the sbt build tool, a quick-start GUI, and a catalog of template applications. Setup Simple Build Tool (hereafter called SBT) is a build tool specifically used for Scala projects. For tutorial purposes, the Activator UI has a simple editor and the ability to compile, test, and Use sbt (via Activator) to compile Java and Scala code, run tests, package JARs and Docker Play and Scala meetup: sbt in Action. SBT in Action: The simple Scala build tool [Josh Suereth, Matthew Farwell] on Dependency manager (Scala Plugin binary compatibility ○ sbt 0.13 Problem: Input sbt tasks may want the user to type input Example Client (input) client. Successful Scala developer's toolbox: the Scala language and SBT, and the Simple Build Tool. To have the correct resolvers in build.sbt and project/plugins.sbt . Of tools team @ Typesafe ○ Author o Scala in Depth o sbt in Action; 3. Contribute to sbt-in-action-examples development by creating an account on GitHub. SBT uses actual Scala for its build language. Scalatra in Action introduces Scalatra and the Sinatra model. SBT runs and The next course of action is to satisfy this test to make it pass (maybe). M[info] Resolving org.scala-tools.sbinary#sbinary_2.10;0.4.2 . Of Build Tools ○ A roadmap to sbt 1.0 o Modularization ○ sbt-server; 4. The idea of a high quality build tool for Scala is indeed simple, but sbt itself is richly-featured and powerful. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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